Idutex new version publish for diesel vehicle at Apr.
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Car brand Version No.DateNew update detail 
CUMMINSV13.522024/4/181. Optimize automatic recognition function of Cummins engine system.
HDZZNISSANV12.92024/4/191. Readjust the menu according to the vehicle model.
2. Add auxiliary systems: body controller, automatic transmission system, airbag system, electronic stability system, power steering system, electronic parking, automatic air conditioning system, instrument panel system, audio system, intelligent entry system, tire pressure monitoring system, and remote communication system. “
WEICHAIV15.942024/4/191. Optimize the DPF function of Weichai's independent WISEC10-P201-V17F, WISE10-P201-V181, WISE10-P210-V162, and WISE13-P233-V106 versions.
HDCBCUV13.822024/4/191. "SHACMAN CBCU1": Optimized safety algorithm.
2. "SHACMAN CBCU3": optimized safety algorithm.
3. "SHACMAN BCM System (CAN 250K)": Optimized safety algorithm.
HDBOSCHV16.002024/4/191. Newly added system Bosch engine (JX4D20A6L MD1SC089) version information, fault codes, data flow, 24 action tests, and 3 special functions.
HDJMCV14.062024/4/191. New N800HP National VI includes Wan'an Air Brake ABS, Yunnei Power DEV series National VI diesel engine, in vehicle terminal (TBOX 2.0), body control module (BCM), and combination instrument (IC).
2. The newly added N620 includes ABS (Anti lock Air Brake-K Line), EMS (Engine Control Unit), ICM (Instrumentation), TBOX (Remote Control Equipment), ABS (Anti lock Hydraulic Brake), and ABS (Anti lock Air Brake-CAN Line).
HDISUZUV14.402024/4/191. Optimize the data flow of Bosch MD1CS089 (P2327 China 6) for the 4JB1CN6 engine.
HDBENZV13.012024/4/191. Optimize the fault code reading function of the "INS Instrument" system in the "AXOR-R WDB950.5-954.6, NAB374.5" model. 
2. Optimize the "AGN automatic transmission E200" system.
3. Optimize the automatic recognition system function.
HDYUCHAIV16.322024/4/191. Added "Yuchai Bosch EDC17C62 P1743" system.
2. "Delphi DCM7.1AP/DCM7.24 (China VI)": Optimize the system information, data flow, fault code description, and action test special functions of each version.
3. "Delphi DCM7.1AP/DCM7.24 (Yuchai YCY24/YCY30/YCS04) (China VI)": Optimize system information, data flow, fault code description, and action test special functions.
4. "Yuchai Natural Gas ECI System (China VI)": Optimize the system diagnosis link, optimize the data flow algorithm, and add some new data flows. Added some action tests and optimized special functions.
HDHYJSV12.972024/4/301. "SFH C9/C11/C13 Bosch MD1CE101 P1603 (China VI)": Add some data streams and optimize special functions.
HDCUMMINSV13.602024/4/301. Cummins Engine System (J1939 protocol) added "More parameters and configuration" function.
HDDETROITV12.952024/4/301. Optimize automatic scanning and add quick test.
2. Add can system active test and special function.
3. Optimize menu structure.