Idutex vehicle software update for diesel at March,2024
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Car brand Version No.DateNew update detail 
HDDONGFENGV14.082024/3/21. "Dongfeng DDi11 Engine (China VI)": Added special functions "Read and Write Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)" and "Read and Write Engine Number".
2. "Dongfeng DDi13 Engine (China VI)": Optimize the fault code function.
3. "Dongfeng DGi13 Natural Gas Engine (China VI)": Optimize the fault code function and add new fault code definitions.
4. "Yuezhaosong AEBS Radar": Optimize the fault code function.
5. "FAST Retarder": Optimize the fault code function.
6. "Dongfeng Pure Electric KZ9A/B/C > Vehicle Controller - E_HCU": Optimize the fault code function, add fault code definitions, and add special functions.
7. "Dongfeng Pure Electric KZ9D/E/F > Vehicle Controller - E_HCU": Optimize the fault code function.
8. "Dongfeng Pure Electric > Vehicle Controller - HCU": Optimize the fault code function.
9. "Regenerative Braking - ABS": Optimize the fault code function.
10. "Hybrid Motor MCU": Added fault code definition.
11. "Hybrid Battery Management System": Added fault code definition.
HDISUZUENV14.422024/3/21.Optimize Smoother-G data.
HDBENZV13.002024/3/21. Added "OC500 LE (Spain)" model, including 15 systems.
2. Added "OC500 RF (Spain) TOURO" model, including 15 systems.
3. Added "OC500 RF(NAFTA) MULTEGO TURICLASS" model, including 8 systems.
4. Added "OC500 Chassis Euro 6" model, including 30 systems.
5. Added "O500 R/M/MA/U/UA OH1417 OH1418 OH1525 OF1418 OF1722 OF1730" models, including 9 systems.
6. Added "O500 C634 (Brazil) O500 ANDARE (Mexico) O500 SASO (Saudi-Arabia)" model, including 15 systems.
7. Added "TOURINO" model, including 11 systems.
8. Added "OH1518-25RF OH1622-26RF OH1215LE OH1518LE" models, including 14 systems.
9. Added "OF1015/41 OF1119/41 OF1218/44 OF1319/44" model, including 14 systems.
10. Added "COBUS (Airfield apron bus)" model, including 8 systems.
11. Added "ACCELO" model, including 8 systems.
12. Added "ACCELO Euro6" model, including 78 systems.
WEICHAIV15.932024/3/21. Optimize Weichai's independent WISE13-P231-V101 link settings.
CHEVROLET TruckV1.02024/3/4Covered the Model of 2016-2023 Chevrolet Medium Duty Truck: 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500, Silverado 4500, Silverado 5500, Silverado
SHANQIV13.062024/3/81. Optimize menu structure.
BOSCHV15.582024/3/161. Optimize Jiangxi Isuzu P1955 MD1CS089 National VI Action Test with special functions.
SHANGCHAIV13.532024/3/161. Optimize the entry of the National IV 9DKQ4 system.
HINOV14.512024/3/161.Optimize the data flow of K13C5381 Retro Common rail Engine.
HDISUZUV14.392024/3/161. Optimize the basic functions of the 4JB1CN6 engine Bosch MD1CS089 (P2327 China 6).
HDISUZUENV14.432024/3/221.Optimize the menu structure.
HDXICHAIV14.752024/3/221. "Denso Common Rail C31 (K)": Optimized diagnostic link, action test and special functions.
2. "Denso Common Rail C31 (CAN)": Optimize fault code description, data flow, action test and special functions.
3. "Denso Common Rail C31 OBD": Optimize diagnostic link and fault code description.
4. "Denso Common Rail 275800-4281": Optimized diagnostic link, fault code description, data flow, action test and special functions.
HDHONGYANV13.132024/3/221. "ZF Transmission": Optimize the fault code description.
HDFUSOV14.922024/3/281. Optimization: Urea drive test for post-treatment system.
2. Optimization: The menu interface displays path errors.
3. Optimization: Integrate the fault code function of the control system.
4. Add: Euro 5->ROSA, SHOGUN, and add some basic system functions.
HDCUMMINSV13.512024/3/291. Add data streams (some systems of Cummins J1939 series). 
2. Optimize the Cummins data flow interface.
HDHONGYANV13.152024/3/301. "Top Gear Transmission": Update system information and fault code descriptions, add new data streams.
HDDAFV13.902024/3/301. Safety  system | AEBS/ACC: Optimize fault code function.
2. Safety  System | AIRBAG3: Optimize Fault Code Function.
3. Braking system | ABSE2: Optimize link layer and fault code functions.
4. Vehicle Control System | VIC3: Optimize Fault Code Function.
5. Vehicle Control System | SWS: Optimization system entry.