Company Profile

IDUTEX Technology Co.,Ltd established in April 2015. It's an open platform with its headquarter in the most innovative and energetic frontier city: Shenzhen, aiming at cultivating talents, creating and sharing value. We delicate to providing and designing the auto diagnostic equipment with exquisite design, extensive function, stable performance and user-friendly experience so as to meet the increasing demands of automotive aftermarket industry.

We sincerely listen to every users' suggestions and demands while keeping constant, none-stop improvements and upgrades for the product quality and user experience. Moreover, we also devote ourselves to offer our customers the whole service solution of vehicle diagnosis, repairing, mainteenance, modification and related accessories.

After joint effort of our elite team consist of brilliant engineers in the industry and leadership with rich experience, we are keeping fast development and growth. We will kkp on moving while never forget our original ideals for our customers. IDUTEX will insist on the concept of talent-oriented, respecting and valuing talents to comprehensively build a platform for mutual benefit and sharing, therefore, creating constant value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Company Culture

Values: Pragmatic Innovation, development for the benefit of all

Mission: Make vehicle diagnosis simpler, more precise and intelligent

Vision: Committed to become the world's leading brand supplier of automotive smart diagnostic tools and related vehicle accessories.