Idutex new version publish for gasoline vehicle at Feb.2024
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Car Brand Version No.DateUpdate detail
FORDV20.12024/2/21. Update most of models up to 2024.
2. Support Full-Systems diagnose: Powertrain systems, Chassis systems, Body systems, Entertainment systems, etc.
3. Cover system fucntions: system information, DTC Read&Erase, Data List, Active Test, Common Service Function.
4. Support vehicle automatic identification, all systems quick test, history test.
5. Improve the communication layer and optimize the software structure.
6. Support 14 languages
RENAULTV20.12024/2/271. Added New VIN Recognition Model Function.
2. Optimize Interface Display.
HONDAV16.452024/2/271.Solved the problem of Honda Accord Tourer CW3 2011 DPF regeneration function failure;
2.Solved the problem of Honda Integra RSX 2003 throttle learning not running properly;
3.Solved the problem of Honda hrv 2016 not being able to perform EPB maintenance mode;
4.Solve the problem that the 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L display does not support when doing the Immo;
5.Solve the problem that 2018 Honda Accord key programming does not work;
GMV14.832024/2/271. Improve the communication for 2013-2014 Chevrolet Spark.
2. Support 14 languages.
VWV24.232024/2/281  Optimized the model selection menu before entering the system.
2  Optimized automatic scanning to improve scanning speed.
3  Optimized the secure access function of some older models.
4  Optimized the display of the read stream function.
5  Fixed an issue where the VIN code recognition of Bentley models failed.
6  Fixed an issue where the manual model selection interface and the long coding interface had two back buttons.