Idutex version update for diesel vehicle at Feb.2024
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Car brand Version No.DateNew update detail 
DONGFENGV14.072024/2/31. "Knorr EBS5": Added 500K baud rate diagnostic link.
2. "Knorr ELC": Added 500K baud rate diagnostic link.
CUMMINSV13.502024/2/41. Add action testing function for 43 systems in the Cummins J1708 protocol.
2. Add features and parameter functions for 43 systems of the Cummins J1708 protocol.
DETROITV12.922024/2/51.Add auto scan and Optimize communication links.
2.Optimize System Information and Fault Code func.
BOSCHV15.572024/2/51. Added 35 new versions, fault codes, data streams, action tests, and 27 special functions for JMC China VI Bosch P2074 MD1CS089.
HONGYANV13.122024/2/231. Optimize the menu structure.
2. "SORL ECAS": Added pin 6 and pin 14 250K diagnostic link.
3. "EV&FCV Vehicle Controller": Optimize the definition of fault codes.
HDHYJSV12.962024/2/231. Optimize the menu structure.
2. "SFH C9/C11/C13 Bosch MD1CE101 P1603 (China VI)": Optimize action testing and special functions, and add some special functions.