Idutex new version publish for diesel vehicle at Apr.
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Please update your idutex to latest version to experience a better diagnosis .
Car brand Version No.Publish dateNew update detail 
HDHYJSV12.952023/4/261. "SFH C9/C11/C13 BOSCH MD1CE101 (China VI)": Optimize system information and add special function "Maximum Vehicle Speed Limit".
HDCBCUV13.762023/4/281. Optimize the action testing function of Oman CBCU3 (H5 dedicated).
HDIVECOV14.132023/4/151. "IBC": Optimize system activation.
2. "IBC 3": Optimized system activation.
3. "WABCO D/E/E2": Optimized system activation.
4. "WABCO D/E/E2(2)": Optimized system activation.
5. "Body computer 2": Optimize the "Clear DTC" function.
6. "Body computer(K)": Optimize the "Clear DTC" function.
HDCUMMINSV13.232023/4/151. Optimize the "Intake Air Heater Override" function.
HDISUZUENV14.232023/4/141. Optimize Smoother (medium/heavy) link settings.
Shacma V13.02023/4/151. Added Delonghi 6000 coverage system gateway (GW), air conditioner (AC), body controller (BCM), door and window controller (DCM), instrument (IC), lane departure (LDWS), Comet ABS (ABS_M) , one-button start (PSU), electronic steering column lock (ESCL), retarder (RCU), shift handle (TCU_SH), gearbox (TCU), fast second generation (TCU2), vehicle controller (VCU), WABCO EBS (EBS), Environmental Monitoring (EVM), Tianxingjian (TEL), Multimedia (MMI), Advanced Driver Assistance Camera (ADAS), Electrohydraulic Power Steering (EHPS), Immobilizer System (IMMO ).
2. Added Delong X5000-M3000S coverage system inter-bridge power controller (EAC_5000), air conditioner (AC_5000), gateway (GW_5000), door and window controller (DCM_5000), tire pressure monitoring (TPMS_5000), ZF gearbox (ZF ), instrumentation (IC_5000), central electrical device board (CPD_5000), intelligent chassis electronic control module (CCM_5000), vehicle controller (VCU_5000), Comet ABS (ABS_5000_M), WABCO ABS (ABS_5000_W), WABCO ( ECM_5000), Environmental Monitoring (EVM_5000), Fatigue Monitoring (TMS_5000), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Camera System (ADAS_5000), Immobilizer System (IMMO).
HDJACV13.622023/4/41. Added "JAC Light Truck (Export Vehicle)" -> "N Series" menu and diagnostic system.
HDABSV13.872023/4/41. Optimize the system menu structure.
2. "Bosch ABS 9.0 (K)": update the fault code library.
3. "BWI 7.4 System (K)": Added "Artificial Exhaust".
4. "VIE ABS(K)(JAC)": optimize data flow; add 4 new action tests.
5. Added "Kormee ABS (CAN)": including system information, fault code function, data flow, and action test.