Idutex vehicle version new publish at Apr. for gasoline vehicle
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Please update your idutex to latest version to experience a better diagnosis .
Car Brand Version No.DateUpdate detail
BENZV17.52023/4/191.Optimize the function of vehicle selection menu,version information and fault code to as of model year 2008 and Up to model year 2014
GM IMMOV1.102023/4/18Covered system: 
1.Added BUICK series read Immo Pin function, support until 2020 Year. 
2.Added CHEVROLET series read Immo Pin function, support until 2020 Year. 
3.Added CADILLAC series read Immo Pin function, support until 2020 Year. 
4.Added GMC series read Immo Pin function, support until 2020 Year. 
5.Added BUICK LACROSSE 2020-2022 Smart Key.
6.Added BUICK REGAL 2020-2022 Smart Key.
7.Added BUICK EXCELLE GT/XT 2017-2020 Smart Key.
8.Added BUICK ENVISION 2020-2022 Smart Key.
9.Added BUICK VERANO 2017-2020 Smart Key.
10.Added BUICK VERANO Pro 2020- Immobiliser.
11.Added BUICK ENCLAVE 2018-2019, 2020 Smart Key.
12.Added BUICK TRAILBLAZER 2020 Smart Key.
13.Added BUICK TRAILBLAZER 2015- Immobiliser.
14.Added BUICK ENCORE 2012-2018 Smart Key.
15.Added BUICK ENCORE 2013-2018 Immobiliser.
16.Added CHEVROLET AVEO 2018- Immobiliser.
17.Added CHEVROLET AVEO 2017-2020 Smart Key.
18.Added CHEVROLET BLAZER 2019- Smart Key.
19.Added CHEVROLET CRUZE  2017-2019 Smart Key.
20.Added CHEVROLET CAMARO  2017-2020 Smart Key.
21.Added CHEVROLET COLORADO  2015-2018 Immobiliser.
22.Added CHEVROLET COLORADO  2019 Smart Key.
23.Added CHEVROLET CORVETTE STINGRAY  2014-2015, 2017-2019 Smart Key.
24.Added CHEVROLET EQUINOX  2017-2020 Smart Key.
25.Added CHEVROLET EXPRESS VAN  2008-2019 Immobiliser.
26.Added CHEVROLET MALIBU  2017-2020 Immobiliser.
27.Added CHEVROLET IMPALA  2014-2019 Immobiliser.
28.Added CHEVROLET IMPALA  2017-2019 Smart Key.
29.Added CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500  2017-2020 Immobiliser.
30.Added CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500  2017-2020 Immobiliser.
31.Added CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 2017-2020 Smart Key.
32.Added CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 2020-2022 Smart Key.
33.Added CHEVROLET SILVERADO 3500 2021 Smart Key.
34.Added CHEVROLET SONIC 2012-2015 Immobiliser.
35.Added CHEVROLET SONIC 2019 Smart Key.
36.Added CHEVROLET SPARK 2020 Smart Key.
37.Added CHEVROLET TRAVERSE 2019- Smart Key.
38.Added CHEVROLET TRAX/TRACKER 2017 Smart Key.
39.Added CADILLAC ATS 2017-2020 Smart Key.
40.Added CADILLAC ATSL 2017-2020 Smart Key.
41.Added CADILLAC CTS 2019 Smart Key.
42.Added CADILLAC ATSL 2020 Smart Key.
43.Added CADILLAC ESCALADE 2017-2020 Smart Key.
44.Added CADILLAC XTS 2017-2020 Smart Key.
45.Added CADILLAC XT4 2017-2020 Smart Key.
46.Added CADILLAC XT5 2017-2020 Smart Key.
47.Added CADILLAC XT6 2017-2020 Smart Key.
48.Added CADILLAC XT6 -2016 Smart Key.
49.Added GMC ACADIA 2017-2020 Smart Key.
50.Added GMC ACADIA LTD 2017 Immobiliser.
51.Added GMC CANYON 2015-2019 Immobiliser.
52.Added GMC SIERRA 2500 2021 Smart Key.
53.Added GMC SIERRA 3500 2021 Smart Key.
54.Added GMC TERRAIN 2018-2020 Smart Key.
55.Optimize software.