[Exhibition Information] A wonderful review of the Las Vegas Auto Show site, the popularity of the technology booth!
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From November 5th to 8th, the SEMA Show 2019 Auto Show in Las Vegas, USA, was held in a grand event, and the IDUTEX company's leading products were unveiled at the show. At the exhibition site, the event is unprecedented, let us have a wonderful review of the hot booth of the technology booth!

the SEMA Show 2019
 is the world's premier trade event for auto tuning and auto parts, attracting the industry's most professional and popular products to the Las Vegas Convention Center. As a car diagnostic brand with a reputation in the industry, Tongwei Technology provides vehicle diagnostic products with excellent design, rich functions, stable performance and good user experience at the exhibition feast: diesel IDUTEX TS910 PRO, TS930PRO, TS810, etc. And gasoline IDUTEX PU600/620/630, TPU300, SUPER-X... have attracted many industry friends and users to conduct more exchanges and cooperation.

Through the technology, its brand IDUTEX is striding towards a bigger world stage.
 By focusing on the automotive aftermarket and automotive electronics, IDUTEX technology will focus on strategic new opportunities. And create more value for customers around the world through professional and intelligent product and technology innovation, Committed to become the world's leading brand supplier of automotive intelligent diagnostic tools and related vehicle accessories.