Idutex new version publish for gasoline vehicle at Dec,2022
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Car Brand Version No.Update detail
ToyotaV15.81. Improve 2012 AVANZA Clear DTC Code Function.
2. Improve the old model(such as 2007 AYGO) Vehicle Auto Scan Function.
3. Improve the Quicktest function for some models(such as 2019 CAMRY HV).
4. Improve the vehicle manual selection.
5. Improve the special function: PM Rejuvenate Mode, PM Regenerate Mode, Injector Maintenance Learning Value Reset, HICM Resistance Learning Value Reset, Evaporative System Check, Learning Value Reset, AF/O2 Sensor Operation.
6. Improve 2012 AVANZA Clear DTC Code Function.
7. Improve the old model(such as 2007 AYGO) Vehicle Auto Scan Function.
8. Improve the Quicktest function for some models(such as 2019 CAMRY HV).
9. Improve the vehicle manual selection.
CHRYSLERV25.11. Optimize 2016 Jeep Wrangler data List.
BMWV15.8Improve the communicatoin for the old model.
GMV14.681. Improve Active Test Function for 2007 Buick Lacrosse
2. Improve Data List Function for 2021 Cadillac CT5
3. Improve Data List Function for 2021 Chevrolet Onix
4. Improve the condition check for Active Test function
5. Add historical diagnostic records
MazdaV18.01Covered up to 2022 all MAZDA modles and all systems for functions: Read DTC, Clear DTC, Data List, Actuation.
Add Special function:
  Ambient Air Temp Sensor Configuration
 Auto Leveling Sensor
 Component/Parameter Reset
 Configure the steering angle sensor.
 DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) Component Parameter Commands
 Diesel Particulate Filter Static Regeneration
 FFH(Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module) SelfTest and Prefill Utility
 FFH(Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module) Start Heater Utility
 FFH(Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module) Unlock Utility
 Fuel Injector Correction Factors
 Fuel System Vaporizer Prime
 Headlight Zero-set
 Height Sensor Initial Setting
 Hydraulic control test
 Initialize the Exhaust Gas Related Component.
 Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Sensor Learned Values
 Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values
 Reset the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Learned Values
 Reset the Exhaust Gas Temperature Value
 Reset the Fuel Injection Pump Learned Values
 Reset the Fuel Injector Learned Values
 Reset the Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor Learned Values
 Reset the High Pressure Fuel System Learned Values
 Reset the Intake Air Throttle Valve Learned Values
 Reset the Mass Air Flow Sensor Learned Values
 Reset the Oil Change Indicator
 Reset the Powertrain Control Module Learned Values
 Reset the Turbocharger Accumulated Soot Value
 Reset the Turbocharger Learned Values.
 Reset the air conditioning compressor learned values.
 Reset the water in fuel Warning Indicator.
 Reset/Clear Functions
 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) Dosing Measurement Test
 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) Parameter Reset
 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) System Emptying
 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) System Refill Activation
 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) Visual Leak Check
 Sensor Calibration
 A/C(Air conditioning) Test
 ABS(Antilock braking system)
 ABS(Antilock braking system) Service Bleed
 ABS(Antilock braking system) reset and configuration.
 AM Antenna Reception Sensitivity Test
 Adjustment for engine braking
 Air Bleed for Electric Oil Pump
 Air Bleeding
 Audio Speaker Walkaround Test
 Brake stroke sensor zero point initialization
 CCM#1(Cruise Control Module) Calibration
 CEI(Configurable Engine Immobilizer) Lock Configuration
 CVT Learning Value Setting
 CVT Slope Sensor Calibration
 Change setting
 Check for CVTF deterioration
 Clear Transmission Adaptive Tables
 Clearing of Learning Value
 Clutch Learning
 Configuration mode
 Coupling Calibration Data Writing
 Data Reset
 Display of calibration data
 Erasure of CVTF deterioration
 FFH(Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module) Fuel Priming
 FFH(Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module) Operation Check
 Factory Keyless Entry Code
 Halt Transmission Adaptive Learning
 IVD(Interactive Vehicle Dynamics) Initialization Sequence
 Infotainment Display Test
 LIN(Local Interconnect Network) New Module Initialization
 Lockout Mode Reset
 Microphone Test
 Mode Change
 Mode change
 Neutral Position Learning
 Neutral Position Setting
 Oil discharge
 Oil remainder reset
 PATS(Passive Anti Theft System) Functions
 PCM(Powertrain Control Module)
 Passenger Seat Weight Sensor ReZero
 Passenger System Reset / OCS(Overdrive Cancel Switch) Reset
 Programmable Parameters
 Radar Aiming
 Rear Tones Test
 Relearn Vehicle Data
 Remaining oil life
 Remote Keyless Entry
 Reset TBM(Tracking and Blocking Module) Password
 Resume Transmission Adaptive Learning
 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) Inducement inspection service function
 Sensor Initialization
 Service Routine
 Setting change of Oil remainder
 Shift Tower Learning
 Signal Check
 Slope sensor initialization
 Starter Driving Counter
 Steering Torque Sensor Trim
 Stop Use of Transmission Adaptive
 System Initialize
 TBM(Tracking and Blocking Module) SIM RAV_ID
 TCM(Transmission Control Module)
 TPMS Reset
 TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Sensor Training Mode
 Tones Test
 Trailer tow configuration
 Transmission Solenoid Body IDN(Identification)
 Urea Injector Test
 Urea Pump Test
 VIN(Vehicle identification number) REGISTRATION
 Windshield Wiper Test
 Wireless engine starter programming.
 ABS(Antilock braking system) Service Bleed
 Aiming Readjustment for SCAM(Stereo Camera)
 Aiming adjustment for SCAM(Stereo Camera)
 BMS(Battery Monitoring System) Reset
 BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring) Aiming
 Burglar Service Functions
 Calibration for Passenger Seat Sensor
 Clear Learning Value
 Clearing for SCAM(Stereo Camera) Aiming Adjustment value
 DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter)
 DSBS(Dual Sensor Brake Support) Aiming
 Data Reset
 Display of VMC(View Monitor Camera) calibration marker area
 EATC(Electronic Automatic Temperature Control) Operation Check
 EPS(Electronic-Controlled Power Steering) Steering Angle Calibration
 ETB(Electronic Throttle Body)/EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Initialization
 Engine Start Frequency
 FSC(Forward Sensing Camera) Aiming
HONDAV16.21. Fixed Bugs 
1) Solve the problem of EPS Adjustment MA EPS Control ON/OFF execution prompt communication failure;
2) Solve BODY ELECTRONIC - keyless - inspection - Keyless Check - execution prompt communication failure;
3) Solve the problem that the body - HVAC Climate Control Unit self test fails;
4) Solved the problem that 2005 Honda Civic could not do the anti-theft function;
5) Solved the problem that honda brv could not automatically read the VIN code;
6) Solved the problem of 2020 Honda Accord reading airbag display, but the airbag light is on;
7) Solved the problem that the honda vazal SRS system light is on, but no error code is detected;
8) Solved the problem that the VIN code could not be detected in Honda Civic hybrid 2012;
9) Solved the problem that Honda Civic 2016 could not test the EPB function;
10) Solved the problem that the Honda jazz GD 2004 ABS system could not clear the code;
11) Solved the problem that 2014 Honda Accord EX-L could not add keys;
2.Add new system:
1)Add Driving Support ACC/BSI/FCW/LKAS/IDSS system;
2)Add PSR(parking sensor) system;
PORSCHEHOTV10.12 1.Optimize Panamera battery matching.
2.Optimise key programming for the Porsche Cayenne 2008.
LANDROVERV15.31.Optimize log.
2.Optimize the display of some data streams.