Idutex new version publish for diesel vehicle
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Update your idutex to the latest

 1. XICHAI V14.67 

"FAW Autonomous (Continental) Electronic Control System (National 4, 5)": Added data streams such as "Fuel metering unit setting current".

 2. FAW V13.86

"FAW Autonomous (Continental) Electronic Control System (China VI)": Added some action tests; optimized data flow.

3.DELPHI V13.72 

Optimize the menu structure. 

4.JAC V13.56 

"HFC4DB3-2E Engine BOSCH MD1CC878_P1968 (China VI)": Update the fault code library. 

5.SINOTRUK V14.58 

(1) Optimize the menu. 

(2) "WABCO AMT Function Operation": optimize data flow; optimize fault code function and code library; optimize special functions, add "AMT (second generation) ramp sensor calibration".

(3)"ZF TraXon AMT Functional Operation": Added system information; optimized trouble code function; added special functions such as "Transmission service" and "Clutch service".