New version update at 15st,Aug,2022
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Update your idutex auto diagnostic tool
  1. YUCHAI V16.18 :

    1. Optimize the input function of all system action tests and special functions.

     2. "Yuchai Natural Gas ECI System (China VI)": Optimize the function of fault codes.

     3. "Yuchai Natural Gas ESI System (China VI)": Optimize the function of fault codes.

     4. "Yuchai Bosch MD1CE108 (China VI)": Optimized "Cylinder Break Test".

  2. DONGFENG V13.91 :

    1. "Engine DDi11 China VI": adds a special function "Read and Write TrimCode".

    2. "Retarder VOITH": optimize system information; add trouble codes.

  3. WEICHAI V15.73 :

    Optimize Weichai's WISE self-identification link settings.

  4. SHANGCHAI V13.44 :

    Optimize the fault code function of the National IV SC5DK/SC9DF/SC8DK/SC9DK. 

  5. DELPHI V13.71 :

    "Delphi Common Rail System DCM6.24 (JAC HFC4DB2-1D China V)": Optimize special functions.

  6. SINOTRUK V14.57 

    "Bosch Euro VI Common Rail Engine": Optimize the aftertreatment test urea injection function. 

  7. FORD V18.2 :

    1. Covers all FORD models and all functional systems in 2021: Read DTC, Clear DTC, Data Stream, Action Test.

    2. Solve the problem that some ECUs cannot be connected